Our Mission
In today's tech-savvy world, having an online presence has now become a business imperative.

Most business owners understand the importance of being online, they just have no idea where to start. We created the GO Initiative for one simple reason: to educate and inform you, the small business owner. More and more consumers are using the internet to perform local searches, check business reviews, and purchase goods and services. Yet in California, more than half of all businesses do not have a website!

62% of California small businesses
Do Not Have a Website
Source: Google/IPSOS, Survey of businesses with less than 250 employees, June 2011

Or maybe you already have a website, and it's just not working. Having a website is a necessary part of a successful business model. But nowadays, just simply having a site isn't enough. Your business can thrive in this continuously evolving, technology-driven economy by strategically implementing and managing the following:

Reputation Management Search Engine Optimization

Through a series of free seminars, GO Initiative works with different business-to-business organizations and small business owners to improve awareness on the importance of online marketing. These seminars go over the many different facets of online marketing, and how to plan and utilize each one around your marketing strategy.

The GO Initiative
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