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    Technology is changing the way that modern day companies function and conduct business. Small businesses have began to transform how they align opertaions, drive sales, make purchases, and support customers. This new age business model is almost completely driven by the continued movement towards mobile and online solutions. Understanding these current trends can enhance companies' ability to better manage their customer relationships and stay in step with the competition.

    As digital retail changes, the shopper's experience becomes more complex, and harder for businesses to manage. One way to try and understand the way technology has changed consumer expectations is by thinking about it in terms of a "purchase fish". The purchase fish, pioneered in 2004 by The Futures Company, is a complex world of feedback that involves research, multi-channel contact with the seller and eventual purchase, as well as the testing of opinion with an ever-larger group of other consumers.

    This new way of thinking about the consumer experience makes it clear that having a thorough online marketing strategy is essential to the growth of your business. A potential customers' journey towards the point of purchase is enhanced and driven by digital channels more than ever before. Which online tools are you using to maximize your business' growth?

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